About {Sneaky}:

Mom. Dreamer. Baker.

I bake. I love to bake, actually. In fact I feel kind of strange when I’m not creating something in the kitchen. One of my earliest memories is standing in my grandmother’s kitchen, hoping to be offered the beater to lick while she baked the cookies.

I began baking at a really early age, standing side by side with my grandmother, learning all her recipes, trying…making mistakes…trying again. One of the most important things I inherited when my grandmother passed away was all her recipes, tested and perfected over the years. So when I think about baking, it always takes me back to her kitchen, the smells, the excitement of that fresh baked treat.

My mother could bake bread like nobody I’ve ever met. During my teen years, when puberty was at its worst, my mother let me spend my summers practicing with yeast doughs, from French and cheese breads, to homemade doughnuts. To this day the smell of freshly baked bread warm from the oven always makes me think of her.

I believe food can be love. I think my happiest childhood memories, and the ones easiest to recall, are those of the food on special days — of colorful birthday cakes, Christmas morning cinnamon buns, French bread hot from the oven on a summer day and eaten as dinner.

I am ready to become part of your celebrations, whether it’s cupcakes for a child’s birthday; barbeque rub for a backyard party; or that dreamy dessert buffet for your wedding, just the way you envisioned it. Let {Sneaky} Cakes provide the deliciousness when you don’t have time or energy to make it yourself.

It was years before I understood people baked as a career, and decades longer before all the feedback told me I had the talent to do that myself. With that realization, {Sneaky} Cakes was born.

{Sneaky} Cakes will always stand for quality. I’m not interested in buying cheaper ingredients primarily to cut costs…those decisions should only be made to improve the product or it’s not worth it. I’m not interested in mass-produced anything and I’m not interested in using preservatives to create food that lasts indefinitely. I know you feel that way too.


{Sneaky} Cares:

My 14th year of life was a different than all the rest, because I was fighting cancer. I was fortunate to survive. However, I lost two of my grandparents, a friend, and numerous other people in my life over the years. Every year I hear of someone in my social circle who has just been diagnosed and is starting the fight of their life.

This is not ok. Cancer needs to be stopped and we can all be a part of making that happen.

Part of my dream is to contribute in a meaningful way to wiping out cancer. This is why you will see {Sneaky} Cakes at fundraisers for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and why my future storefront location will contribute a portion of profits every year to cancer research.

Sneaky Cares