{Sneaky} Cares Bake Sale 2013


I had this fantasy that I would be able to post a couple of lovely photos of all the things we brought to the bake sale this year, but that didn’t happen.  That is because at 9:45, we already had a lineup of people anxiously waiting for the {Sneaky} Cares bake sale to start.  Unbelievable!  What was even more unbelievable was the fact that we sold EVERYTHING within two hours of starting, and the lineup never really did go away! A big thanks to Emma, Zach and Brent for coming out to help with the craziness!

With your generosity, we raised a whopping $1,085.00 towards the Ride to Conquer Cancer and cancer research!

Our cake raffle winners were Larry K. and Kim G.  When asked how he felt about winning a cake (the Malt Ball Explosion), Larry had this to say: “It was absolutely the best!! I have already made the commitment to purchase this exact cake for our next celebration.”

Thank you once again for coming out and supporting the Ride to Conquer Cancer!  See you all next time!



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